Modern Home for Modern Times

I admit. I like expensive and grand things because I’m bougie like that. Therefore, I have expensive taste. That is why I LOVE modern homes because they reek of luxury, elegance, and  glamor. What makes a home modern? Think of all that marble, gold, silver, and expensive furniture!

After doing non-scientific research, here are ways to modernize your home:


Marble is the epitome of making homes look expensive, elegant, and modern. Yes, marble is expensive but it is a timeless piece of rock to invest in when designing your next home. If you want expensive and sleek looking interiors, go for marble.


Modern homes equates to having BIG windows everywhere. The beauty of floor-to-ceiling windows allows homes to appear bigger. Not only do these types of windows give an illusion of a huge space, but lets in an abundance of sunlight and natural ambience.

P.S. Make sure to get curtains if you decide to have floor-to-ceiling windows. That way you can run around the house in your birthday suit :p


We all know that anything gold or silver plated looks expensive (we see it in clothes, cars, and jewelry). So why not include that in your home and furniture? Not only does including gold or silver make everything look elegant, grand, and modern, elements of gold and silver positively elevates the ambience in the room.


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