5 Winter Beauty Hacks

Do you constantly deal with dry skin during the winter? How about that heart stopping shock whenever you come in contact with metal or people?  Let me introduce to you my top 5 winter beauty hacks to combat those pesky #firstworldproblems.

PROBLEM: Dry Hands/Dry Feet
SOLUTION: Hand/Foot Cream + Gloves

Do you constantly feel like you’ve applied lotion on your hands 1,000,000 times but is left feeling dry and rough an hour after? The trick is to apply lotion right before you sleep and wear gloves/mittens over your hands. The gloves act as a barrier from the dry air that your hands are exposed to. Additionally, wearing gloves after applying lotion allows the product to deeply moisturize your skin and ensure product absorption. My all-time favorite hand cream is by L’Occitane because it contains essential oils and shea butter needed to moisturize my hands. Results? You’ll wake up with extremely supple and “baby” soft hands. You can try this method with your feet as well!

PROBLEM: Chapped Lips
SOLUTION: Apply lip balm before lipstick

We all know that wearing matte lipstick absorb the moisture out of your lips. Some people may feel that wearing lipstick in general is very drying. The solution? Apply lip balm before your lipstick application. Applying lip balm will ensure added moisture to your lips and also act as a barrier against the drying properties of lipsticks. My all time favorite lip balm is by Burt’s Bees. Burt’s Bees always uses natural ingredients in their products.

PROBLEM: Static in hair
SOLUTION: Apply lotion or spray water onto hair

I have a love/hate relationship with winter. Winter in California is extremely dry. Thus, one would experience built up static especially in their hair. [What is static? Static is the imbalance of protons and electrons between two objects]. The solution? Simply spray water onto dry, static hair. Water reduces the static charge build-up in your hair. Now your hair won’t look like Albert Einstein’s!

Lotion works just as well too! Simply, apply lotion onto your hands and then gently pat or comb your hair with your hands and fingers.

Don’t believe me? Try it!

 Albert Einstein ft. his crazy hair Albert Einstein featuring his crazy hair

PROBLEM: Prone to static
SOLUTION: Apply lotion/cream

Do you feel like a ball of electrical charge sometimes? Clothes sticking to your body because of static? Before wearing your desired clothing, apply a generous amount of body lotion or cream to your body. This prevents certain fabrics (ie: polyester) to cause friction against the skin. Friction causes build-up of electrical charge between two objects rubbed against each other. This results in the production of static.

Not only does lotion reduce charge build-up on your body, it also moisturizes too! A 2 for 1 deal!

PROBLEM: Face is dry after the shower
SOLUTION: DO NOT dry your face immediately after the shower

Imagine taking a nice hot shower. Amazing right? However, after you get out of the shower, your face is as dry as the Mojave desert. What’s the trick? DO NOT DRY YOUR FACE IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE SHOWER! The last thing you want is your face to be dry and flakey. Allow the water on your face to naturally evaporate and seep into the skin. The water left on your face is a source of moisture that the skin needs. After the water on your face has absorbed, you can continue on with your nighttime skincare routines.


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