Meet Charlie

Our newest addition to the family! Meet Charlie, our loving and snuggling little dog. Isn’t he cute and ugly at the same time?! He is definitely the greatest little chubby creature to have around. Thank goodness he was pre-programmed to do tricks and was potty-trained. Hallelujah!


Charlie was a rescue dog given to us by my fiancé’s mutual friend. Before meeting his lovely parents, he was placed in a high rate kill shelter when he was only one year old. Additionally, Charlie was attacked by his cellmate, causing him to receive a large head injury. However, a miracle happened to this little guy. A day before his euthanization, Charlie was luckily found and rescued by New Beginnings for Animals, a non-profit organization based in Mission Viejo whose mission is to save abandoned lives of cats and dogs.

Charlie now has a home where he feels safe to run around and explore his surroundings. Most importantly, he has loving human beings to feed him, pet him, and snuggle with him. I think we love him a little too much because he’s grown a little treat belly from all the treats, rice, and carrots we feed him.

This little guy has many names: Charlie, Charles, Snuggle Bunny, and Little Booger. Tricks that Charlie knows how to do? Charlie knows to to crawl on his stomach, sit, roll, stay, give high-fives, and almost knows how to play dead.

I hope you can meet him one day. He absolutely loves to snuggle! Even the vet says he’s part cat. Every time we come home from work, Charlie would lay in between us on the couch and in bed. There are also times where he would plop his head on our laps. If one of us was upset or sad, Charlie would waddle over and put his paws on our chest to tell us everything will be okay. Isn’t he precious?!

 Behind the scenes Behind the scenes

Taking pictures of Charlie was definitely a breeze. However, we did have to give him many treats to perform tricks. I’ll have to admit, he did get a little chubby after giving him so many. After all, Charlie got treat coma.

Lastly, my fiancé’s patient was kind enough to print Charlie onto T-shirts. Too bad Charlie did not recognize himself on the T-shirt.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Charlie is way too cute to not a have a dedicated blog post about him.


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