Dreaming By the River

It was 4:00 am and we were driving back home to Los Angeles from Idaho (in our mini Toyota Prius). 


Since my fiancé and I had to make a 1,000+ mile trip back home, we had to wake up and start driving before the sunrise. 2 hours had passed and the sun was beginning to rise; casting a golden light across the grassy terrains of Idaho. We couldn’t miss the opportunity of great lighting. Therefore, we decided to make a pit stop at the river near his grandparents’ house to capture some photos. 

The reflection of trees off the water, the ethereal lighting, the golden hour… everything was perfect. 

With a bit of messing around with the camera’s settings, we were able to catch the full potential of the sun’s light while having the background looking dark and eerie. The shadows on the subject (me) cast by the sun’s rays create a multi-dimensional composition; almost as if the photos look heavenly but mysteriously ghostly at the same time.

The white dress nicely juxtaposes the somber and dim background to create perspective and depth of field to the photo. As for the plaid shirt…well, I needed something to keep me warm with 60 degree weather at 7:00 am in the morning. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this short curated post. I can’t wait to go back during spring to see the luscious green fields!

What I wore: 
Dress: Abercrombie & Fitch (similar)
Shirt: Rails
Shoes: Rainbow Sandals


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