Casual Day In California

Who doesn’t love the beach?! The feeling of sand in between those little wiggly toes, the smell of the sea breeze, the taste of salt water, being able to eye at cute surfer dudes… I can go on and on. There’s one thing I will never do on the beach though. 


We decided to make a pit stop to the beach in Carpinteria to visit my fiancé’s friend. The little girl in me jumped up in excitement. I was excited to see sand and the ocean. I LOVE the beach. If I had all the money in the world, I would buy a beach house on Malibu… a grand one! But there’s one thing that I would never do on the beach and that is to swim in the ocean. 

I’m not afraid of water. I can definitely swim since I’ve been a swimmer for more than 10 years. I actually enjoy the smell of chlorine from the pool. It’s the idea of going into an unsterilized pool of sea water that freaks me out. 

Swimming in the ocean is like swimming in a huge pool filled with fish poop and pee. Not to mention, you’re also swimming with sharks too! No thank you. Someone would have to pay me thousands of dollars to dip my whole body into that pool of bacteria and germs. Until then, I’ll stick to only dipping my feet into the ocean.  

I wanted to keep my outfit casual and comfortable with a loose fitting shirt to feel the cooling sea breeze. It was definitely chilly during the day so I decided to opt for jeans with the cuffs rolled up to keep with the casual look. As for the sneakers? Well, they were my only white pair of sneakers that I currently own. 

Hope you guys enjoyed the post. Links as to where you can buy this outfit is listed below. Peace! 

What I wore: 
Shirt: J.Crew (similar)
Jeans: AG
Shoes: Adidas


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