Valentine’s Day: Date Ideas

This year, Valentine’s Day lands on a Wednesday. The month of February is a month filled with sparks and chemistry among lovey-dovey couples. To celebrate the month of love (although love should be celebrated everyday), I present to you Valentine’s Day date ideas for those infatuated and PDA-filled couples. 

The ideas are categorized according to various price points in order to accommodate to a wider range of audience. Valentine’s Day is suppose to be a day filled with love and appreciating your significant other as well as your self. With that in mind, it’s safe to say that Valentine’s Day is a ‘love’ holiday filled with fun adventures, good food, and materialistic gifts from your lover.

For those who bathe in Benjamins

$ $ $

TOTAL COST: $5,142.00

We all have probably seen or heard of ‘The Bachelor/Bachelorette’, a popular reality show consisting of couples going on dates where money is limitless. Who wouldn’t want to experience or fantasize about going on such romantic dates? If you’re filthy rich and have endless money to spend, why not take you and your significant other on an unforgettable date that will leave a lasting memory?

Before sunrise OR Mid-morning: 
Take your loved one to experience a private hot air balloon flight over Temecula, California for $800 on weekdays or $1,200 on weekends by Sunrise Balloons. For $800/$1200, the lovely couple will receive 45-60 minute flight, an assigned photographer to snap photos of your outing, 2 for 1 wine tasting at Monte De Oro Winery, champagne during the flight, and many more amenities.  

12:00 PM:
After experiencing the most amazing views overlooking Temecula, experience the beauty of Temecula’s wineries and wines like Monte De Oro Winery. After all, you do have the 2 for 1 premium wine tasting offer… might as well put it to good use?

5:00 PM:
After an adventure-filled day, it’s time to wine down with some amazing food and drinks at Addison Restaurant in San Diego, California. (Am I punny yet? LOL) Just an hour away from the winery, enjoy a nine course dinner with Chef William Bradley at $275 per person (wine included). Enjoy an unforgettable moment with your loved one at a unforgettable price.

8:00 PM:
After having some dinner and drinks, chemistry between the two of you continue to spark. Why not continue that spark in bed at Beach Village at The Del in Coronado, California. Extend your getaway in a beachfront suite with an ocean view at a whopping $3,369 a night. This may be your closest bet to a fantasy suite (If you’ve watched The Bachelor, you’ll know what I mean). 

For the Average Joe

$ $

TOTAL COST: $294.00

We all dream of being that 1% of high earning individuals. However, that does not mean that Valentine’s Day won’t be equally as amazing as having a private flight on a hot air balloon drinking champagne and mimosas. Who says you can’t have the most amazing and lovely Valentine’s Day date with your significant other without breaking the bank? 

11:00 AM: 
Although you and your partner may not be able to afford a private flight on a plane or a helicopter, you lovebirds may be able to afford having champagne on the bay. For $62 per person, a lovely couple will enjoy a cruise along the Long Beach Canals aboard the Duffy 18 with endless bread and champagne. This amazing 2 hour airbnb experience is worth it for those who are looking to spend quality one-on-one time without hurting your wallet. Need I say more?

5:00 PM to 7:00 PM: 
Continue spending some lovely time together by taking a 2 hour long cooking class at your local Sur La Table. Valentine’s day is all about being in each other’s presence, giving undivided attention to one another, and appreciating the unrequitted love that you for each other. At $85 per person, you’ll learn to make amazing food and taste your savory creations together. Learn to make risotto with pancetta and shrimp or duck with rosé cherry gastrique and roasted fingerling potatoes. Food tastes better when it’s made with love. 

For those on a tight budget


TOTAL COST: $109.00

Life becomes stressful and a lot less exciting when you’re strapped for money. Although Benjamins do not appear in our wallets magically, we’re allowed to have some fun once in a while and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Spending Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be solely materialistic (think flowers, chocolates, diamonds). Instead, it should be a day where a couple comes together and enjoy each other’s presence (Heck, it should be like that everyday). Want to have an amazing day without feeling like you got robbed by El Chapo?

12:00 PM:
Craving some asian food? Have a hearty and refreshing lunch with your lovely date at Empty Bowl Gourmet Noodle Bar in Downtown Santa Barbara, California. Who says going out to eat at a restaurant has to be expensive? Do not fear. The highest priced item only costs $14.95.

After filling your bellies with delecious goodness, have a stroll down Downtown Santa Barbara and enjoy each other’s company. Maybe do a little shopping here and there if you have extra money to spend. 

4:45 PM: 
To end the love-filled day in a romantic way, watch the sunset by going on a one and a half hour cruise with Sunset Kidd. For $40 per person, you’ll experience an intimate, romantic sail with the sun cascading down the mesa foothills. ‘The Bachelor’ moment can still happen without the financial worries. Don’t you agree?


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