Our Wedding Photos: Part Two

“Will you take Jordan Garst to be your lawfully wedded husband?” From that day forward, I decided to become a big girl and promised to spend the rest of my life taking care of someone I love besides my mom and dad. To celebrate our two month union, I have decided to relive the day of our marriage with these sets of wedding photos.

Looking back, the wedding turned out perfect and amazing. People were having lots of fun mingling, drinking, and dancing. We initially wanted a big wedding with about 100 guests. However, we were glad we had a small wedding instead. With approximately 85 people in attendance, we were able to greet and have conversations with everyone. Guests were able to connect with other guests on a personal level as well. Very rarely does that happen in a big wedding. All in all, it was a perfectly sized wedding.

Saturday, June 2, 2018. Our wedding day. The day my now-husband and I would say our ‘I dos’. It was absolutely the best day of our lives and it was the start of a new chapter with new beginnings. I have never laughed so hard and never had so much fun in years. The wedding was not only a celebration of our love, but it was also a reunion with friends and family we have not met in years. The last time I have seen my high school friends were back in high school graduation. The last time I have seen my aunt and uncle from Kansas and San Jose was 10 and 8 years ago respectively. To be able to see and talk to my dearest people whom I haven’t seen for 5 or more years was the best wedding gift I could ever ask for.

If you’d like to see more of our wedding photos, feel free to check out our photographers’ blog here.



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